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AutoSock® for Forklifts and Tractors

Slippery driving conditions because of snow and/or ice indoor and/or outdoor. Unexpected winter weather can create driving conditions, demanding more traction than conventional tires can provide, especially those for forklifts. Tire chains – as far existing for forklifts - provide increased traction, but at a cost of added weight, difficult installation with very limited space around the wheels, damaged indoor floors and less than ideal performance.



The new Hi-Tec light-weight traction aid “AutoSock for Forklifts”, 100% based on man made high performance fibers, utilizes specially engineered gripping fabric, that provides traction & braking control, quick and easy to use both indoor and outdoor, without being heavy and difficult to handle, very easy and user-friendly to install and to remove and more over even preventing black bad looking rubber marks on indoor floors, which are usually hard to clean and remove from the surface.

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